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Southland Season 5 is Chaos!

One of my favourite TV shows has released the trailer for Season 5.

Southland has been described as a cop show...for those who don't like cop shows. It is a bruising show that doesn't shy away from showing exactly what the police are up against on the streets of LA.

In this trailer I find the sound design, especially the use of silence (or near silence) and quick changes of pace make for a really gripping ride.

I also liked the "New Tour Starts" line, sometimes lines like that can come off a bit hokey, but here it works for sure.


Is this the best Action Sports Movie Promo Ever? - Into The Mind


Watch this.
Full Screen.


What do you think?


2012 Movie Trailer Mashup

Before we enter 2013 let's look back at the year that was.

Enjoy this epic mashup of the biggest trailers of 2012 from The Sleepy Skunk.


Game Of thrones meets Seinfield

I love trailer mashups. They get me excited for the edit process, are a fantastic learning tool for junior producers and are nearly always a great laugh.

A comedian by the name of Matin has created my new favorite. Harnessing the awesome powers of the laugh track he has turned HBO's mega blockbuster Game Of Thrones into a show about nothing. Brilliant.



A Paper Thin Prometheus!  

Travis Betz, a creative dude with a penchant for paper has created a pretty awesome remake of the stellar Prometheus trailer...and he has done it all out of paper.

promo producer

He's gotten a lot of fans over this one, in fact [adult swim] pretty much "borrowed" his concept for this spot here.

In an interview with TheWrap.com he didn't seem too worried about it though - "If it came from me, they were inspired, they rocked it out."
Good sport.